Cool Pink Camo Birthday Cake!

July 3rd, 2013

I found this pink camo birthday cake on Renee GTV on youtube. I thought it was really cool.

Could be a great theme for your next little girls birthday… Just an idea :-)

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Random Pink Camo Baby Stuff

July 3rd, 2013

Bass Pro Shops Pink Camo T-Shirt for Toddler Girls - Short Sleeve

She will be so cute in her Pink Camo Toddler shirt..

Bass Pro Shops 8 oz. Sippy Cup for Kids - Pink Camo

Spill proof your home with a pink camo sippy cup. She will love it!!

Bass Pro Shops 8 oz. Baby Bottle - Pink Camo

Pink Camo Baby Bottle no baby girl should be without one.

Bass Pro Shops Soft Sole Pink Camo Booties for Infant Girls

Pink camo booties! She’ll be the talk of all the jealous little girls..

Bass Pro Shops Pink Camo Boonie Hat for Toddler Girls

And no outfit would be complete without a pink camo boonie hat..

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Back to School Pink Camo Backpacks for Girls

June 20th, 2013

Tips on finding the right backpack for school..

As schools reopen soon, the rush to stock up on school supplies such as pens, pencils and paper. Along with books, calculators, new clothes and shoes, one item that would require to be purchased is the right school bag for your child. Though it sounds easy, buying the right backpack for your child requires considerable thought put into it. This is because you need to consider the comfort as well as ease of use while deciding on the right school bag to pick. In addition to that, you also need to ensure that the color and style should also be kept in mind so that the kids are happy using it.
Pink Camo Girls BackPack

Girls pink camo backpacks for school

Types of backpacks to choose from:

1. Regular backpacks: These backpacks is the popular choice with most of the parents and students. It is available in a variety of fabrics, colors and prints and even have the popular animation characters printed on them. They consist of multiple compartments to store books, pens and pencils, and are easy to carry around.

2. Rolling backpacks: These bags are called wheelie bags or rolling backpacks; and rightfully so because it combines the features of backpacks with those of trolley bags. These bags can be either used as a backpack, or can be pulled using the handle as they are equipped with wheels. This bag is a good option if your child cannot carry a lot of weight.

3. Tote bags: Tote bags are not technically backpacks but rather can be carried or worn across the body. This is a popular choice for teenage girls mostly as it combines style with comfort.

Things to consider when buying backpacks.

1. Consult the school: Before purchasing the backpack, it would be a good idea to consult with the school to see if they have any restriction or specifications about the type of backpack to use. Most of the schools suggest not to use rolling backpacks as they do not fit in the lockers, and cause children to trip over them.

2. Buy backpacks with wide straps: Backpacks with wide, padded straps would ensure that carrying the backpacks would not cause shoulder pain for your child.

3. Choose from backpacks specifically designed for children: Since there are multiple options to choose from, it can so happen that you pick a big, roomy backpack for your child so that it can be used in future as well. However, the one aspect we overlook is that when there is more space, the tendency to store more items is caused. This can result in a heavier backpack to carry around for your child.

4. Look for a backpack that rests correctly: When picking a backpack for your child, you should check whether the bottom of the backpack rests at small of the back. If you have difficulty identifying, you can imagine a straight line from your child’s belly button to the back. The bottom of the backpack should hit this line.

Once the backpack has been purchased, you should also ensure that your child uses it correctly. He or she should be encouraged to wear both the straps to balance out the weight. Also, encourage your child to store books in locker so that they don’t have to carry the weight throughout the school day. Additionally, if they feel shoulder or back pain, always insist that they inform you immediately so that grave injuries can be avoided.

camo pink girl pack
Girls pink camo backpacks

If your not sure where to start with your search try amazon they carry tons of differnet styles including your favorite super hero to bright color backpacks yes even pink camo backpacks for girls.

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Pink camo car accessories for girls..

June 18th, 2013

Are you a huge fan of pink camo stuff? Is your car your pride and joy and you want it reflect your personality country,cute and girly all at the same time.Well, there are many ways to do that especially if your color is pink camo.

There are a ton of pink car accessories for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, that can really put the finishing touchs on it. Real car girls notice the small things that could be the difference in making there vehicle different.
Do you like seat covers, well they make pink camo seat covers and also pink camo steering wheel cover to match.That way you can protect your seats and steering wheel from dirty hands and spills and mishaps.
Pink Camo Car Accessories

Have you consider your poor cds’ scattered all over they need a place to go to. What about a pink camo cd holder that fits over your sunvisor and pink camo floormats to cover your carpet.Also, if your a proud mom or the baby sitter for the day and you have a little one that rides with you. You can even get a pink camo baby seat or pink baby seat cover to match if you like.That’s just a few recommendations for the inside of your vehicle.
Let’s go to the outside now. Now to protect your hood from bugs,rocks and flying debris you may want to consider a bug guard and yes they make pink camo bug guards.If you like to dress up your back glass with decals there are 1000′s of pink camo stickers and stencils available. How about a personalized plate with a pink camo license frame? you can buy one of them too.
Pink Camo Car Accessories
So, as you can tell there are quite a few ways and pink camo accessories to dress up your vehicle. The thing is I barley scraped the surface on what is available in pink camo for girls.NOw, it’s up to you to run with your imagination and remember tell them guy’s who are jealous of your ride “Silly boy’s pink camo stuff is for girls”

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Express your colors with pink camo bedding

June 17th, 2013

PINK BEDDING Pink Camo Bedding Just a suggestion..

Are you looking to redecorate your bedroom? You can go with the same oh colors bland colors or you can step it up and get wild maybe something like a pink camo bedroom set.That’s right! You want to enjoy spending your night or resting in your bedroom?Make it your own, What you need to do is just decorate your bedroom according to your personality so if your looking for that piece that can pull your room together and serve truly as an escape from the day think pink camouflage. It’s obvious that you see your own bedroom before you set to bed and every morning when you wake up, thus, it is good that you decorate your bedroom to suit your own interest and personality. You need always to feel comfortable and at ease once you step in your bedroom and this is possible if you decorate the room accordingly. The following are some tips how to decorate your bedroom
Realtree AP Pink Comforter Set, Full

1. Paint the walls of your bedroom with the colors that naturally attracts you are likely to be comfortable in a bedroom with beige walls or white if you happen to notice that most of your wardrobe are of dull colors such as black, navy.But,In cases where your wardrobe includes brighter colors like sunshine yellow, bright orange or pretty in pink you may need to come up with a brighter color scheme and simply introducing a pattern such as stripes,dots even pink camo.

2. Buy furniture of your liking. Furniture with simple lines can be more of style if you are a person who prefer open space likewise if you happened to be more reserved and formal then you might have a liking of hand-carved wood furniture or bright coverings.

3. Hang art, paints, pictures and any other wall decor which immediately relax you. Notice all kind of images and pictures that capture your attention or attracts you and use them as your bedroom wall decor. If you enjoy spending time at the beach, go for serene pictures of nature.

4. You can make your bed your center piece with a pink camo bedding set or any other pattern or color that match with the wall decor and wall color. For example in a quail and chocolate room, you may want to consider going for bright blankets of colors such as pink and yellow. Go for soft and fluffy bedding if you like or prefer handmade quilts in case you prefer antiquates or posh hotels.

5. Use window treatment which is a reflection of your personal style. For privacy and light control, use simple mini binds or shades but you need to say little about your own personality. If you happened to be romantic, you can add floor-length drapes in velvet, lace or silk. Choose sheer panels for minimalist or fresh vibe. For an active, outgoing and adventurous person, bright and flunky colors are best for them
Stock or accessorize your bedroom with things that tell your story. If your hobby is traveling, you can display some items that you happened to buy along the journey. If you love nature, make your bedroom more welcoming by complementing your decor with lots of flowers. You can also use candles to help set a cozy tone for your bedroom, if you love or enjoy gardening you can go for or choose flowery scents. If you like or love the beach, you can go for ocean scents. Browning Buckmark Bedding Collection - Pink Camo

In conclusion whatever your personality go for it. Let your bedroom reflect you.Make it your place to get away.Good luck. Remember pink camo bedding is still a option. Just create.

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Getting her ring size in secret..

June 16th, 2013

secret ring sizeAre you scouting for a promise, engagement or a wedding ring and you don’t want her to know until the right moment? Well, it can be an uphill task or simple depending on your approach. You have to ensure that you get a ring that will fit her perfectly. Here are a few tips on how you can secretly get the right ring size.

Check with Her Family or Close Friends

Her family or close friends are the closest confidantes that carry her little secrets and life preferences along. This is one of the easiest ways of getting the right ring size in secret. This will depend on how close you are with her family . It is very important that you choose an person who can keep a secret otherwise if the information leaks to her then it will jeopardize all efforts made.

Alternatively, get the information from her best friend. You can organize with her best friend to take her to a jewelry store to get their measurements. This has to be plotted as a clandestine move so that she will not suspect any hidden agenda.

Borrow a ring from Her

If you cannot get help from the family or the best friend, you can get creative with the aim of getting the right size without her knowledge. Try taking one of her rings that she wears. Be sure to get the right finger since ring sizes vary with the fingers. Assume she has an engagement ring and you are shopping for a wedding ring then it might not be of little use. When you get the ring of choice, take it to the jewelry store so that you can get measurements and ensure to secretly return it without her notice.
Mossy Oak Rings, Camouflage Wedding Bands, Titanium Ring, Pink Break Up Camo Bands NEW

If it is impossible to get the ring without her noticing then it is maybe try using wet cake of soap to make an impression of the ring. Then take the soap to the jeweler and he should be able to get the right ring for you.

Take the Measurements of her Finger

Another way you can get the ring size in secret is when she is sleeping. While she is fast asleep, wrap a thick strip of paper over her finger and mark accordingly. Take the measurements to a jewelry shop so that they can give you the right ring size. To ascertain that you got the measurements right, it is good you put the ring on her finger while she is asleep. If it does not fit her perfectly then you will have time to exchange the ring or take it to be adjusted accordingly.

Get Her a Ring

Take her shopping in a discount store and stroll by the costume jewerly section guaranteed she will try on a ring while your standing there make note and continue on and enjoy the rest of your day.

Now, you can estimate her size and just buy a normal ring and give it to her. You can tell her that you just saw the ring and you thought it will look good on her finger. Make her try the ring and if it fits her perfectly then you know you have gotten the right size and can now get that sparkling diamond or gold ring.

While it is somehow tedious to get this entire plot rolled into one, the rewards for a ring shopped in secret are evident. You will tell from the joy written all over her face that it is appreciated.

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Pink camo engagement ring?

June 15th, 2013

Continue reading Pink camo engagement ring?

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